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  Instant Web Publishing        Details   Download
When it comes to get a FileMaker Pro database on-line, Instant Web Publishing serves as the fastest available solution. However, it comes with a lot of limitations. Our examples are trying to show you how to easily extend abilities of a database published by Instant Web Publishing by features you would normally classify as "impossible".
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  Files        Details   Download
Everyone works with files. When it comes to exporting or importing data into a FileMaker Pro database, manipulating files is a must. Automating file manipulation is then a key to user friendly and error proof user interface. Not everyone knows that manipulating local files from within a FileMaker Pro solution is possible since FileMaker Pro 3. Today, with all the built-in features and all the available file manipulation plug-ins, almost everything is possible.
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  Internet        Details   Download
It is hard to think of a computer without Internet these days. Internet is everywhere and almost every software application somehow interacts with Internet. FileMaker Pro is not an exception and the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, they are not always obvious, so we hope that our examples will serve as your inspiration and extend your imagination on how FileMaker Pro can work with the Internet.
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  Web Viewer      Details   Download   Buy
FileMaker Pro 8.5 introduced the Web Viewer layout object. Although its primary function is to embed a live web page into a database, the possibility to display almost any web content in a FileMaker Pro layout, including Flash for example, opened door for a lot of new ideas. Our examples demonstrate how you can use the Web Viewer layout object to break the limitations of FileMaker Pro layouts. You can add features that were never possible before. Just get inspired by our examples and let your imagination do the rest.
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  Tab Control        Details   Download
FileMaker Pro 8 introduced a new layout object type called Tab Control. At first sight it looks like a great space saver. At second sight, tab control seems to be under full control of user, not developer. Until you activate your imagination...
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  Portals        Details   Download
Portal is a great tool for bringing related records to their master record's layout. However, not all things you would like to do with portals have natural support in FileMaker Pro, or if they have it may not be obvious how you are supposed to implement them. That's where our tips & trick may help you to push the limits of FileMaker Pro portals.
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  Drag & Drop        Details   Download
It is hard to imagine an efficient intuitive user interface without drag & drop. Is it therefore hard to design an intuitive FileMaker Pro solution? Definitely! Drag & drop features are part of FileMaker Pro for several years now. Look at our examples and learn how you can easily add drag & drop functionality to your own solutions.
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  Tooltips        Details   Download
Tooltips (also known as help tags) are currently the fastest way to obtain quick help, advices or tips for individual elements of graphical user interface. FileMaker Pro solution developers and users got the first chance to use tooltips in FIleMaker Pro solutions with the release of 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 1.0 back in spring 2003. At DevCon 2005, FileMaker Inc., finally announced FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced with built-in support for defining tooltips.

There is currently no excuse for not using tooltips in your solutions. We hope that the growing archive of tooltip tricks available here will help you to get most out of tooltips and turn them into a significant competitive advantage of your solutions.
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  Charts & Graphs        Details   Download
One of the most useful database features for executives is an ability to view their data as pictures. Graphs and charts are not as easy to create in database as in spreadsheet. It is however possible and if you know how, you create useful and nice charts without too much work. Our examples are supposed to show you how you can visualize data in FileMaker Pro with and without using plug-ins.
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