License Guide

END USER LICENSES - single product, single version

Purchasing an end user license will give you or your company a lifetime right to use a single version of a single 24U product. It does not allow you to sublicense the product to other parties, and you have to pay for major feature upgrades if you want them.

Our end user licenses are progressively priced for volume purchases, making our products lucrative for mid-size and large networks. The more users you have the lower will be your price per user. Important: To take advantage of the discounted price for additional users the whole license for all users must be purchased at once.

If you are an in-house developer (you and your end-users are employees of the same company) or develop for only one customer (possibly together with other developers), then end user license is the option for you.

DEVELOPER LICENSES - distribution, sublicensing

These licenses are intended for solution developers. If you develop custom solutions for several customers, a developer license will let you sublicense 24U product to your customers without additional charges. In many cases, you will pay less for a developer license than your customer would pay for an end user license, which makes it beneficial for your customers to order solutions from you rather than developing them in-house.

By purchasing a Developer License of a 24U product, you get the right to bundle the 24U product with all your solutions, and all your customers get rights to use it within your solution without paying any additional charges. You also get the right to use up to 5 copies of the purchased product on your computers to test your solutions.

  • Developer License for N users - concurrent users per location, unlimited number of solutions/customers/locations
    A Developer License for a specific number of users is limited to the specified number of concurrent users per deployed location. This license allows you to bundle the licensed 24U product with an unlimited number of solutions and sublicense it to an unlimited number of customers. For example, a developer license for 250 users covers all of the following scenarios:

    • 1 solution sold to 1 customer with 250 users
    • 5 solutions sold to 10 customers, largest of which has 250 users
    • 20 solutions sold to 500 customers, largest of which has 10 sites with 250 users in the largest site
  • Developer Licenses for Scripting Additions
    Developer Licenses for 24U scripting additions are not limited to a specific number of users, but they are restricted to work only when all the licensed scripting additions are bundled into the script bundle or application bundle they are used in. A free version of 24U OSAX Bundler distributed with 24U scripting additions makes bundling of scripting additions fast and easy.

  • Free Developer License (up to US$449 value) for freeware developers
    This is an exclusive license we offer free of charge to freeware developers. If you make your useful solution available to public without charging anything for it, you may qualify for obtaining this special developer license. Please fill in your application(s) using our registration form.

Important: Using a developer license registration code may cause a splash dialog to appear on the screen for 2 seconds. The splash helps you to comply with our License Agreement without having to design your own about screen. If you don't want your solution to show the splash dialog, please send us samples of your about screen and license agreement to our registration support. We will send you instructions for disabling the splash as soon as your solution is proven to comply with the developer license's sublicensing conditions.

SERVER LICENSES - installation on server for web clients and serve-side scripts

Server licenses are especially intended for using 24U plug-ins with FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced for server-side scripts and web clients. Server license is available for plug-ins that can be used with web publishing and/or within server-side scripts. This license can be purchased for a flat fee per server with no limit on the number of server-side scripts running or web users accessing the server. Unlike end-user license, server license does not allow you to install 24U plug-ins on client computers (with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced).

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS - education, non-profit

We offer special prices for education and non-profit organizations. If you want to purchase our products for an education or non-profit organization, please contact our sales department to ask for these discounts.


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