24U SimpleCode Plug-In 2.1

Code, Encode, Decode, Transcode, Unicode,... Easily with Simple Code
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24U SimpleCode Plug-In addresses two main text encoding issues for solutions migrated from FileMaker Pro 6 to FileMaker Pro 7 and above. It fixes text that was previously incorrectly converted to Unicode, and also lets you use old-style FileMaker Pro 6 compatible plug-ins with non-English languages.

With 24U SimpleCode Plug-In, text encoding issues are no longer an excuse for not upgrading to FileMaker Pro 7 and above.

24U SimpleCode is compatible with the new FileMaker 15 in 32bit architecture.

What is new in version 2.1?
  • Runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs
  • Works with FileMaker Pro 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 10
  • Product activation now works well also in Windows
Main features:
  • Reinterpret Unicode of incorrectly translated one-byte encoding
  • Bring foreing languages support back to old-style plug-ins
Sample usage #1:
    During conversion from FileMaker Pro 6 to FileMaker Pro 7, some text in a field was incorrectly converted to Unicode. This plug-in can fix this problem by undoing the conversion and then re-doing correctly.
Sample usage #2:
    An old-style plug-in's function, such as External("24uD-ShowDialog", parameter) does not work properly with foreign languages, because some characters get lost. Instead of waiting for a new, FileMaker Pro 7 native version of the plug-in, you can now use SCode_External("24uD-ShowDialog"; parameter; encoding) as a wrapper that converts your text to the correct encoding before invoking the plug-in.
FileMaker Pro Compatibility:
Minimum requirements:
  • Power Macintosh G3 with Mac OS 10.2.8, and FileMaker Pro 7
  • or
  • Pentium PC 300MHz with Windows 2000, and FileMaker Pro 7
Product support has ended

We are sorry but support for this product has ended and we do not plan releasing any new version at this moment. We can, however, provide paid support or custom build of the plug-in. Let us know if you're interested...

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