24U Preferences+Globals Plug-In 1.0

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FileMaker Pro plug-in which allows for storing and reading application-wide global variables and persistent system-wide preferences. Preferences remain stored on the user's hard disk, so they can be accessed by multiple applications. Useful especially for solutions designed to be launched directly from CD-ROM. Global variables created with this plug-in are shared by all databases within one application, so you don't have to use any special global fields or relationships. Useful also for indication of multiple copies of the same database being opened.

Now free of charge.

To disable the plug-in's shareware reminder, evaluate the following function before using the plug-in:
  • External("24uP-Register"; "Prefs-O-Rama")
Application-wide globals
  • Create your own global variables on-the-fly
  • Access your globals from any database within the same application
  • No need for global fields and relationships
  • Prevent opening multiple copies of the same database
Custom preferences
  • Save your custom preferences on user's hard disk even when running from CD-ROM
  • Share the same preferences across multiple applications
  • Let your customers to keep their preferences when upgrading to new versions of your solution
  • Implement serial number protection in minutes

24U Preferences+Globals Plug-In is usefull for every FileMaker Pro developer who creates multi-file solutions. Global variables can be used as simpler replacement for gobal fields, and also let you to prevent opening multiple copies of the same database. Preferences are helpful when your solutions are opened from a locked volume, so they are exteremely useful for CD-ROM based demos and presentations. In commercial solutions, preferences will also simplify your upgrades and serial number protection.

FileMaker Pro Compatibility:

This plug-in is no longer being developed. Its funcionality is currently available partially in 24U SimpleFile Plug-In and partially in 24U Toolbox Plug-In.

Minimum requirements:
  • Macintosh SE with Mac OS 7.5, and FileMaker Pro 4.0
  • or
  • PC 386 with Microsoft Windows 95, and FileMaker 4.0

Type: freeware

Replacement for FMP 7+
Functionality of this plug-in is now available in other 24U plug-ins
Use 24U SimpleFile Plug-In to read and write not only preferences, but really anything to and almost anywhere.
If you are looking for application-wide global variables, you can use 24U Toolbox Plug-In.

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24U Preferences+Globals Plug-In 1.0   Mac OS, Mac OS X, 486 KB, freeware   24uPrefsGlobalsPlugIn10.dmg
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